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If your Honda Talon or Kawasaki Teryx have the T-Bar grab handle with a 1"x1" square shaft this will work. Depending on the design of dash and where you want this to sit you might have to drill a new hole in the bar to position.

The cup holder is custom designed to slide onto the 1" square T-bar shaft, has a thumb screw in the bottom to tighten up to prevent it from sliding, comes with black plastic marine style cups that are held in with set screws so they will not bounce out.


***This listing is for NON LIGHTED cups***


  • Dimension of cups -

    3 1/2" H x 3 1/2" ID x 4 1/8" OD with flange

    "Drinks might not stay in or might spill at high speeds and in real rough terrain"


***If Color is not specified in order we will ship black**

***We do offer a Light Blue and Dark Blue, Please specify when ordering if you are ordering Blue***


*Designed to fit all Honda Talon and Kawasaki Teryx with a T-Bar style grab handle with 1"x1" square shaft.

*Designed and made in Gilbert, AZ


***Product Guaranteed, if it breaks send us a picture and we will send you a new one.***

Honda Talon and Kawasaki Teryx Grab Handle Cup Holder

SKU: 0006
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