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This is for a Pair of Sleeve / Adapters

Shred 3D has designed sleeves to fit in our cup holders to make them more compatible with large Yeti 30oz or smaller tumblers. Slip this sleeve into your cup holder and insert your cup, with this sleeve your cup will not fall out. 


Shred 3D is using recessed drop in cups so these sleeves will also fit alot of marine boat cup holders.


Sold as single unit


Our cup holders are sold with Lighted and un-lighted cups ***These do take different size sleeves so make sure to specify when ordering.*** (See Below)


They will fit other cup holders as well, please see diameter of cups listed below.


Lighted ss cups = 3.585  (LARGE)


Non-lighted black cups = 3.425  (MEDIUM)




Pair of Cup holder Sleeve/adapter for Yeti 30oz or smaller

SKU: 0024
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