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We have designed and 3D printed a single cup holder, comes with black plastic marine cup held in with set screws so it will not bounce out  and has an aluminium  clamp that is adjustable to fit size .75" / 1" / 1/25" bar. Work great on the new RZR PRO XP Grab handle, can be mounted many different ways and very universial for golf carts, jeeps, atv or anything else the clamp will fit. 


These will be sold as a single unit (Only One Cup Holder) so if you want 2 please make sure to change the quanity.


  • Dimension of cups -

    3 1/2" H x 3 1/2" ID x 4 1/8" OD with flange

    "Drinks might not stay in or might spill at high speeds and in real rough terrain"


***If Color is not specified in order we will ship black**

***We do offer a Light Blue and Dark Blue, Please specify when ordering if you are ordering Blue***

Single Cup Holder for .75" up to 1.25"Bar

SKU: 0020
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