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Shred 3D Design LLC.

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Our passion for off-road adventures has driven us to create high-quality accessories that will enhance your experience. At Shred 3D Design LLC., we utilize the most advanced manufacturing techniques to produce a wide variety of off-road accessories for SXS, UTV, and dirt bike enthusiasts. Each of our products are designed with a focus on functionality, style, and durability, ensuring the best possible experience while navigating the toughest terrains. We believe in supporting American products and that’s why all of our accessories are made in Apache Junction, AZ.

Polaris RZR Turbo at the Grand Canyon in Arizona

3D Printed Product

Our Services


Expertise and Solutions for Advanced Applications

Shred 3D launched in 2022. We take a consultative, application-focused approach to solving your most difficult design and production challenges. The combination of our solutions, expertise, and innovation helps our users defy conventional manufacturing limitations and maximize the value of additive manufacturing.


Headquartered in Apache Junction, AZ, and an experienced customer service. Shred 3D has the expertise, machinery and resources to advance industries that manufacture products and parts for off-road enthusiasts.

Our additive manufacturing solutions are widely used in advanced industrial applications to drive performance improvements.



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